ServeManager Pro Series: Contractors vs. Employees

The difference between contractors and employees is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. This distinction in classification can have large ramifications. Below we detail the core differences between adding someone as a contractor or adding someone as an employee.

*depending on their assigned permissions
  • Contractors can be added by following this guide.
  • Only jobs assigned to the contractor in question, will appear in their account
  • Contractors are given their own account, and can control their own settings
  • Contractors can work for multiple process serving companies.
  • Contractors cannot contact the client on a job directly

When you invite a contractor, you are allowing them to create their own free limited access account. If they are already a ServeManager user, they can use their established account. The free limited access account for process servers allows them to record notes and attempts, and create and sign affidavits. They are also able to upload documents from the mobile site. Contractors will not be able to view or contact your client directly. Inside of their account, you are listed as the client, and you are able to decide what information from your contractor to share with your client, and vice versa.

Employees abilities can be altered by changing their permissions. When you add an employee, you are giving someone access to your account. Changes an employee makes, like adjusting settings, or deleting a job, can affect your own account.

Ask yourself these questions:

    • Do you want this person working on accounting, or invoicing?
    • Do you want this person to have the ability to add new employees?
    • Do you want this person to be able to input jobs AND record attempts?
    • Do you want this person to be able to manage your client lists?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will want to add the person as an employee. Otherwise, we suggest adding them as a contactor.

If you need any clarification feel free to contact us.

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