ServeManager Introduces New Integration with Quickbooks, Xero and FreshBooks

ServeManager is always being updated to meet the needs of our users. We are excited to announce new integrations that now allow ServeManager to  integrate, through Zapier, with Quickbooks Online, Xero and FreshBooks. Using this integration, when you issue an invoice in ServeManager, it will create the invoice in your accounting software. This will allow you to use the full features of your accounting software with your ServeManager accounting information automatically entered. Stop double entry and automate keeping your accounting books up to date!


Here’s what you need to get this set-up:

How it works:

  • ServeManager alerts Zapier's automation to begin once an invoice is issued in ServeManager
  • Zapier then transmits the invoice information to your accounting software
  • Your accounting software creates an invoice matching what was entered into ServeManager
  • This is a one time sync, if the invoice is edited or reissued in ServeManager, the invoice will not update in the accounting software.

Setting It Up:

Collect all of the account login information, and then select the appropiate template below:

These templates will walk you through the setup process. It will walk you through connecting your ServeManager account by using the API key, and connecting your accounting software by entering your login credentials. Once setup, invoices created in Servemanager will then be automatically created in your accounting software.

Advanced users can use these templates as starting points. Steps can be added, removed, or edited to fit the needs of your workflow.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll help you get this set up.

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