ServeManager Update: Sharing/Collaboration Layout Redesign

We are introducing a set of minor tweaks to the sharing section of job updates in the hopes of creating a simpler design for sharing information with clients and contractors.

The updates include the following:

visibility update

  • We have updated the visibility labels and consolidated the visibility options and email sharing options for clients and contractors when creating service attempts, affidavits, and notes. (This only applies to collaboration and jobs that are being shared with other ServeManager accounts). 
  • The employee process server has been moved from the MY COMPANY section to the PROCESS SERVER section.
  • The MY COMPANY section has been removed if there are no additional employees in the account (solo process servers will appear in the PROCESS SERVER section when sharing updates).
  • When emailing Statements, the MY COMPANY section replaces the PROCESS SERVER section.

More information about Collaboration can be viewed here: ServeManager ProSeries: Collaboration

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us or give us a call at (800)-280-4400

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