New Feature: Collaboration Auto Sharing

Our latest and greatest ServeManager feature update allows users to set up automatic sharing options for collaborating contractors.

In the past, we have heard from our users that they wished for the ability to have their contractors email attempts and other job updates directly to their client. This new update permits that and more!

Located in the Email & Sharing section of your account settings, you will see a new section labeled Auto-Share Updates From Contractors to Clients.

auto share updates

Checking the *Enable Auto-share for contractors box will cause the Auto-share reply-to email address field to appear. This field will pre-populate if you entered a default reply-to email address in your settings. If you do not have a default reply-to address entered, the account's email address will be added. This field must have an email address and cannot be blank.

Once you update these settings, make sure to press Save before leaving this page.

Auto sharing settings can be modified for each collaborating contractor you work with. 

Open any collaborating contractor from your companies list (Pro-tip: you can use the search box to isolate specific company labels such as contractor or process server, you can also use the Collaboration filter to only view companies you collaborate with).

In the company edit screen, you will see a new set of options for automatic sharing.

auto share updates 2

Affidavits, Attempts, and Notes can be toggled to be automatically visible to the client, and automatically emailed to the assigned client contact when the contractor emails the job update to you.

If the email option is checked, the update will automatically be visible as well. The visibility option can be checked without automatically emailing.

Please note this feature only applies to jobs with a collaborating contractor and collaborating client.

We always love to hear feedback from our users. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, you can contact us here


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