Collaboration Job Status Update

ServeManager's newest update brings greater functionality to the Job Status when collaborating on a job.

In the past, a collaborating subscriber could overwrite your job status without you realizing it. Although this was originally an intentional feature, it became clear after years in production this is not how subscribers expected job status to work. Job statuses are now independently managed by each subscriber. 

Free collaborating process servers will continue to function as they have. They will see the status the subscriber sets and will not be able to change it. Likewise, free collaborating law firms will continue to see the status the subscriber sets, but will no longer be able to change it. For this workflow we now suggest using job notes. 

Job notes are a great way to communicate status and also come with a paper trail of who is communicating a status change, at what time, and for what reason. You can even use the Mass Notes feature to update multiple jobs at once as a timesaver.

Service Status will continue to function as it has and will be visible to all collaborators on the job.

If you’ve avoided collaboration in the past because of this concern, now is the time to take another look!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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