New ServeManager Feature: Mass Notes

ServeManager’s newest update brings the ability to create mass notes!

After switching on the necessary setting, users will be able to create a note and apply it to multiple jobs at once. 

Here's a handy video that goes over the new update:


How To Turn On Mass Notes

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First, go to your Account Settings 

You will see a new option for “Allow Mass Notes”.

Mark the checkbox and press SAVE.

You can now create mass notes from your job list.

How To Save A Mass Note

From your job list, use the checkbox tool to select the jobs you want to inlcude for the mass note.

You can create a note for up to 100 jobs (due to page limitations), you can also use the job filters/search bar to narrow down your list.

Once you have the necessary jobs selected, press the OPTIONS pulldown menu. You will see a new option for "Record a Note".

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Recording the note lets you add a label, a description box for the note itself, as well as a host of email/sharing options. You can choose to email the client contact for every job, the employee process server assigned to each job, the contract server assigned to each job, as well as any of the employees in your own account.

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If any of the jobs you select have a collaborating client/contract server, you have the ability to choose the visibility setting for the note before saving (whether you want it to be visible or not for your collaborators).

As long as all of the necessary email contacts are selected, and the appropriate message is added to the description box, press SAVE and you will have successfully created your first Mass Note!

If you are collaborating on a job that has since been unassigned from you, you won’t be able to create a mass note for that entry, the system will simply skip over any and all re-assigned jobs. 

If you would like your employees to have the ability to create mass notes, ensure that they have the following permissions enabled: Create Job Notes and Enable Email & Sharing. You can learn more about employee permissions here.

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We love hearing your comments, feedback, and other suggestions on how to make ServeManager the ultimate software for process servers. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns at this time.

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