ServeManager eService Beta Available to All Subscribers

Our Beta eService feature is now available to all ServeManager subscribers. You can activate this new feature by going into your settings page and activating this setting.

You have the option to allow eService on a per-job basis by enabling the eService setting. Select "Auto-check eService on new jobs" to enable eService by default on new jobs.

To control which jobs are allowed Service, you can enable eService by checking the enable eService box while creating a job:

As this is a beta feature, some expected functionality may not yet be available:

  • We recommend checking with your clients and courts to ensure that eService is appropriate for a particular job. Ideal scenarios for this feature are serving corporations, government entities, and records facilities who would prefer waiving their right to physical service.
  • Only one computer file can be eServed. Multiple computer files must be bundled together into a .zip file.
  • Currently, eService only works with the Nationwide eService affidavit. We are not supporting customized eService affidavit templates at this time. You can advance edit a document to copy and paste the information you need in the format you would like.
  • The recorded eService cannot be shared with clients at this time, unlike regular attempts. However the Nationwide eService affidavit will contain this eService information and is shareable to clients.

You can learn more about how to use this new beta feature by following our eService guide.

This is a beta feature. If you encounter issues while using this feature, please document what you encountered and let us know via email. We are looking to improve these features so please share any comments, suggestions, or support requests with us here.

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