Attempt Specific Uploads

Our newest feature, Attempt Specific Uploads, is now live. Attempt Specific Uploads allow you to add an attachment while recording the attempt. To help manage this new feature, we've added collapsible menus to make it easier to find the information saved within the attempt.

Contractors will no longer need to switch to the mobile view, to upload files associated with attempts. They'll now be able to upload those files within the attempt, both on the mobile and desktop site.

Attempt descriptions are now visible without changing screens. Simply expand the attempt to view the description as well as any uploaded files. Those attempts, and their attached files, can be shared with you or your clients. Clients will no longer need to sort through the misc attachments, to find verification photos. Clients will see the uploads right on each individual attempt, or they can view all of them from the uploads section.

All uploads will be listed together within the upload section of a job, to allow you to easily manage those files. These new features add clarity to the nature of the upload, and makes uploading and finding those files easier as well. If you have any comments, questions or concerns about using ServeManager please contact us.

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