Digital Service of Process (eService) Updates

ServeManager’s eService feature was released in June of this year in response to a significant number of government entities, records facilities, universities, and corporations asking that they not be served physically. While still in Beta, the feature set has seen significant use, allowing process servers to maintain their position as the independent third party delivering service of process.

While we have a number of updates in the queue for these features, one thing you will soon notice is the naming transition from eService to Digital Service of Process (DSOP).

We’re making this change because we found that the term eService or electronic service was confusing to some users. eService is, more often than not, the act of giving notice to opposing counsel, which is not service of process in the traditional sense. eService on opposing counsel is commonly referred to as "secondary service." The manner or type of service that the new ServeManager feature is designed to facilitate is "primary service" or "service in the first instance." That said, the ServeManager digital service of process feature can still be used for secondary service should you be asked to perform that for your clients.

After consulting with the experts and our customers, we settled on the phrase Digital Service of Process as the appropriate name for the manner of service being performed.

As a result, you will notice that phrase throughout the workflow and the email notifications to and from the intended recipient(s). The most noticeable change for ServeManager subscribers will be the button to initiate these serves. That has changed from "New eService" to "Digital Service".

Digital Service of Process Button

If you have yet to activate Digital Service of Process in your account, you can do so by going to “My Account,” then “Settings,” then scroll down to “Enable Digital Service of Process”. Click the box next to that section, then click “Save” to activate the feature set.

Enable Digital Service of Process

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