View & Search Payments

ServeManager's newest feature expands upon the Invoicing and Accounting aspects of the program.

One request we have heard from our users is the desire to quickly locate invoices in their account based on information they include in the payment description, such as check numbers or other notes related to the receivable.

A new tab called "Payments" has been added to the Invoices menu. This tab provides a detailed breakdown of payments made on invoices.

payment index 1

Payments are chronologically sorted, and users can quickly view information such as payment date, amount paid, payment description, and who applied the payment.

Users can search for payments using the job number as well as the comments in the description field, perfect for searching by check number or other specific details.

payment index 2

The payments list can also be filtered to view payments applied to individual invoices, payments made on statements, and payments submitted through Stripe (click here to read more about accepting electronic payments via Stripe). 

An additional filter helps sort the list by the employee that applied the payment. 

As always, users can submit any questions, concerns, feedback, and requests on our contact page on our Support Site.

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