New Feature: Email & Sharing

The ServeManager Team is always exploring new possibilities when it comes to making the software an even better user experience. One of the ways we strive to be the best is by taking user feedback and requests to develop state-of-the-art additions and features that ultimately impact your workflow in exciting new ways.

Our newest update brings further functionality to sharing job updates through email notifications. 

Users can now enter a custom email address when sharing Service Attempts, Affidavits, Job Notes, and Invoices.

Before, users were only able to select the contacts associated with the client company, the process server, and the employees listed in their account.

When sharing a job update, you will see a new section for "Other Email", here you can enter the additional email address. Make sure their contact box is selected when saving and the system will send the email notification to their inbox.

custom email contact

Please note that this will not create a new contact associated with the email address, if you need to add a new contact to the client company or process serving company, open their entry from the Companies Menu and click EDIT.

If you have any questions about these new features, feel free to reach out to us.


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