ServeManager Update: Custom Terms of Payment/Default Email Messaging for Statements

ServeManager continues to provide cutting-edge software solutions for business owners while responding to positive feedback on how to expand our capabilities.

Our newest update includes new customization options for Statements. (Click here to learn more about creating statements in ServeManager)

Account owners can now set their own custom Terms of Payment for all Statements generated in their account, along with a default email message. This can be done from the account settings page (To navigate to your account settings in ServeManager, go to My Account > Settings).

statement custom blog

Terms of Payment and a default email message can be set for the entire account as well as each individual company entry (company-specific settings will override the customizations made in the main account settings). To include specific terms/messaging for a company, open their entry from the companies list and press edit.

Let us know how this new feature is working for you! Feel free to contact us with any comments questions or concerns.

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