ServeManager Pro Series: Contractors Vs. Employees; Changing a Contractor to an Employee

Changing a contractor to an employee, gives the user an invitation to your account, and allows them access similar to an account owner. Account owners, have control over an employee’s abilities, and can control what they are able to see and do. Since Employees have access to the account, any changes an employee makes, affect the entire account. Follow the steps below to change a contractor into an employee.

Before we begin, this is a lengthy process. Besure you have read our guide on Contractors vs Employees before beginning.

Step 1: Free Up the Email Address

This first step requires access to the contractor’s account. You will either need the contractor to log in and perform this step, or you will need the contractor’s credentials to log in and do this yourself. Once either you or the contractor have logged into this account, select my account, and then the employees tab. There should only be one employee listed on this page, if you see multiple employees, you may still be logged into your own account. While in the employees screen, select the only name listed there, and then select the edit button in the upper right corner. You will need to free up the email by changing it to something else, you cannot save a blank email address field. We suggest adding 123 to the beginning of the email address. After you or the contractor have edited the email address and saved, please log out by selecting the log out link in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Create Employee

You can now create an employee to list into your account. To do so select my account, and then the employees tab. From here you can select the new employee button, and be sure to select new employee again in the generated box. Here you can enter all of the employee information you may have, including their email address, and set their permissions. Once you save, an automatic email will be sent to that email address. Feel free to look over our adding an employee guide.

Step 3: Reassign Jobs

We can begin this step, by selecting companies then selecting the contractor in question. Now you can select the horizontal jobs tab, and in this page you can view all of the jobs assigned to the contractor. Switch the job filter from active to all. You can select all of those jobs by checking the white check box at the top of the screen. Then using the options pull down menu select assign jobs to server. In the pop up box, use the pulldown and select the employee you added in step 2. If your server has more than 100 jobs you will need to repeat this step.

Step 4: Accept Invitation

Now the server will need to open their email inbox, and accept the invitation. If they have any issues accepting the invitation, we suggest right clicking the link inside the invitation email, and selecting open in private/incognito window. If the private/incognito window does not work, the employee can contact us directly here. If the user saved an electronic signature in their contractor account, they will need to do so again as an employee. They can follow this guide to add an electronic signature.

As you can tell, changing the employee classification is an involved process. Be sure to check out our other webinar going over the differences in abilities between employees and contractors. Also feel free to contact us with any comments, questions or concerns. If any of your new contractors are having any issues, they can reach out to us directly as well.

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