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Email Your Affidavit

Once you've saved an affidavit, the option to Email will appear.

Search Receivables

A search field has been added to the Receivables tab.

View Docs & Attachments on Mobile

Documents and attachments added to jobs are now available to be viewed and opened on your smartphone.

Delete Companies

You can now delete companies, though we suggest only deleting companies created in error.

New Job Employee Notification

Now when you create a new job, and set one of your employees as the process server, that employee will receive an email notification with a link to the job.

New Affidavit Templates

We've released a handful of new affidavit templates.

Job Details on Invoices

Job details have been added to invoices to provide you and your clients with more context regarding the serve.

Job Number Search Fixed

When using the job search field to search for a job number, there was a bug with the results being returned. The bug has since been fixed, and searching for a job number now works as expected.

Client Job Number

By popular request, we've added a Client Job Number field to jobs!

Delete & Restore Employees

You can now delete and restore employees if necessary.

Employee Permissions

We've introduced four levels of employee permissions.

Autocompleted Document Titles

When you begin typing the title of the documents to be served, a list of previously entered papers will appear.

Server Selection on Attempts

New Service Attempts will pre-populate the process server field based on the job data you entered.

Job Filters

We've implemented some new job filters which also work with the existing search field as well.

Mobile Job Search Field

Now there's a powerful job search on the mobile site.

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