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Billing Statements by Court Case

Now you can generate billing statements for outstanding invoices based on which court case they are associated with.

Subscribers Can Edit Shared Jobs

Now paying subscribers can fully edit any shared job, even if they didn't create it; allowing more flexibility for you and your clients or contractors who use ServeManager.

New Date & Time Fields

We've replaced the calendar style date-picker with fields that are more data entry friendly. We added some handy shortcuts too.

Data Entry Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks for entering data quickly, including keyboard shortcuts and new hotkeys that are exclusive to ServeManager.

Collaborate with Clients and Contractors

Learn about the benefits of inviting your clients and contractors to a free account, and how to collaborate with them in ServeManager.

Invite a Contract Process Server

You can invite third-party process servers to a free account with limited features, and collaborate on jobs. This allows you to setup contract process servers as companies instead of employees.

Save a Default Court Location

Set a default court location for new jobs. Choose the court location you most often serve papers for, and save some time and data entry.

Share Misc Attachments

There's a new setting which allows you to share Misc Attachments with clients and servers that you collaborate with.

Client Info on Fieldsheet

A new setting has been added to optionally display the client name and phone number on fieldsheets in case you want your process servers to contact your clients directly.

New Email Settings

We've added a handful of email settings to help you customize your workflow and speed-up repetitive tasks.

Edit Court Cases on Jobs

Now you can edit court cases while editing a job. If the case is associated with more than one job, you will be warned that multiple jobs are going to be updated.

Search and Filter Your Jobs

Learn how to prioritize, schedule and find jobs that need attention, then archive jobs that are completed.

Archive(Close) Multiple Jobs

Select one or more jobs and choose Archive Jobs to close jobs that have been served, paid or otherwise completed.

Rush Priority

This new feature calls attention to high priority, rush jobs regardless of the due date. These jobs will appear at the top of the Open jobs list, and a "Rush" watermark appears on the fieldsheet.

Save Multiple Service Instructions

Now you can save Service Instructions for states, courts, clients, rush jobs, etc..

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