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Default Jobs Tab Setting

Choose a default tab for the Jobs menu.

Map and Route Jobs

View your jobs on a map, then auto-generate a route with directions and assign it to yourself or an employee.

What are your needs for a PI Case Management Software?

Please take this quick survey and let us know what you look for in a case management software for private investigators. There’s a little gift at the end.

Jeffrey Worth on Storage, The Cloud, and ServeManager

In an article series tackling what it's like Behind the Scene at a Process Serving Office, process server Jeffrey Worth is offering his perspective on the ins and outs of working as a process server. In one of his recent posts, he discussed the cloud and how it offers a secure storage solution.

Joseph Click: "How Using ServeManager Makes Me Money"

Joseph Click, owner of I Serve Papers in San Diego and a process server with over twelve years of experience recently wrote an article about how using ServeManager makes him money.

Save Attempt Descriptions

Add attempt descriptions, so you don't have to type them everytime, especially when you're on a mobile device.

Filter Jobs by Server

Search for jobs by server name.

Filter Jobs by Date Range

Search for jobs by date range and event type.

Save Recipients

Save recipients whom you serve on a regular basis, such as corporations or individuals.

7 Reasons Your Process Servers Should Use ServeManager

ServeManager is a tool that enables law firms to stay in close communication with their process servers and receive real-time job status updates.

Filter Jobs by Status

There are now additional filters on the Jobs page. In addition to the previous filters, you can now filter by specific job statuses such as Out for Service or Non-Service.

Mobile Site Job List Option for Owners and Admins

We've added a checkbox under My Account > Settings to enable viewing of all jobs on the mobile site for Owners and Admins. If this option is left unchecked, Owners and Admins will only see jobs assigned to their user when accessing the mobile site.

Fee Option on National Affidavit

There is an added option on the national affidavit to include a service fee. It is located above the signature block.

Setting: Limited Users Can Email Clients

Now you can allow limited users to email clients and share notes, attempts and affidavits by enabling the setting per user.


Now you can quickly navigate using your keyboard to type hotkeys. Most are easy to find. If you see a button that contains an underlined letter, just type that letter instead of clicking the button with your mouse.

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