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Set Company Invoice Terms and Products

Set your invoice terms and default products on a per company basis.

Remove and Reassign Collaborated Jobs

Learn how to remove a collaborator from a job and reassign the job to another.

Find Servers and Get Listed in the ServeManager Directory

We’ve added a directory within ServeManager exclusively for paying subscribers. Now it’s easy to find other process servers who use ServeManager.

New Affidavits for California and Illinois

Learn which new affidavits were recently added

Q&A with ServeManager Client National Court Research

Learn about how National Court Research incorporated ServeManager, how it's affected client retention, and what advice they have for process servers looking for a software solution.

Payroll: Exporting Attempt History to Pay Servers

Apply filters and export a list of attempts which can be used to pay your employees or contract servers.

Pro Series: Custom Fields and Documents

Learn how custom fields and documents can help save you time

Time for What Matters Most

Make time for what matters most to you.

Generate Affidavits in Bulk

Learn how to generate multiple affidavits as a single action

ServeManager Has Partnered with PCP

Learn about our partnership with PCP

Federal Documents

Learn how to access several recently added federal forms

Advanced Edit and Modifiable Affidavits

Learn about our new function, Advanced Edit

New Statement Actions

Learn about how to use the new statement actions

Pro Series: Advanced Tips & Shortcuts

Watch video of our most recent Pro Series webinar.

ServeManager Tips - ZIP Codes

Search for jobs via ZIP code

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