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Search Jobs by ZIP Code

Learn about new search function options

Business Overview

View your company's daily stats in a single screen overview

Customize your Declaration with Merge Tags

Learn how to use merge tags to customize your affidavit declarations.

Export Your Contacts for Mass Emails

Learn how to export your companies contacts to mass email clients or contractors.

A Year’s Worth of Uptime

See how ServeManager's uptime compares to industry leaders.

Export Spreadsheets (CSV files)

Export data for clients, reporting, payroll, printing and more.

Document Titles: Save, Edit and Delete

Manage your document titles under account settings. Saved document titles autocomplete when creating or editing jobs.

TX Affidavit Changes

The Texas affidavits have been separated and we've added the new perjury statement as an option.

ServeManager Lunch Panel at TPSA Annual Conference

Join us and a panel of ServeManager users that will talk about how a modern software application like this saves them time and money.

New Job Status Options

A new Job Status that allows you to place jobs On Hold, for example, while maintaining the service status.

Service Attempt Count

The number of service attempts is displayed in jobs list, so you can see which jobs need attention and which have been thoroughly worked on.

Route Jobs in ServeManager

See how to use the jobs map and learn how to route jobs and directions using ServeManager.

Default Process Server Setting

Choose from three options to set a default process server for new jobs.

Default Client Company Setting

If most or all of your jobs are for the same client, then you can save time by setting them as the default client for new jobs.

Assign Multiple Jobs to a Server

Select multiple jobs and assign them to a process server.

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