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Advanced Edit and Modifiable Affidavits

Learn about our new function, Advanced Edit

New Statement Actions

Learn about how to use the new statement actions

Pro Series: Advanced Tips & Shortcuts

Watch video of our most recent Pro Series webinar.

ServeManager Tips - ZIP Codes

Search for jobs via ZIP code

ServeManager is a Colorado Bar Member Benefit

ServeManager is now a member benefit for the 18,000 members of The Colorado Bar Association.

New Employee Functions

Learn about several new employee functions

Archive Court Cases and Locations

Learn how to archive old or unused court cases and locations

ServeManager API

Learn about our API

Mass Issue Invoices

Learn how to mass issue draft invoices.

Additional Job Filters

Learn about new Date Range filters

View All Service Attempts

View all of your company's service attempts from one screen

Search Jobs by ZIP Code

Learn about new search function options

Business Overview

View your company's daily stats in a single screen overview

Customize your Declaration with Merge Tags

Learn how to use merge tags to customize your affidavit declarations.

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