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Introducing ServeManager's New Facebook Live Series

Learn even more about ServeManager as we go LIVE on Facebook every week with new how-to videos!

ServeManager + Stripe: "Remember Me" Payment Feature

Stripe's new "Remember Me" feature lets your clients securely save their payment information for repeat transactions and further convenience!

ServeManager Pro Series: Contractors Vs. Employees; Changing an Employee to a Contractor

Part Two of our Series. In this webinar we go over the process of changing an employee to a contractor. As well as the change of abilities associated with the change.

ServeManager Pro Series: Contractors vs. Employees

Part one of a three part series. We dive in depth explaining the differences between contractors and employees.

ServeManager Directory Update: Profile Descriptions

Give your company a unique description for others to see in the ServeManager Directory.

New ServeManager Feature: Mass Notes

New feature update allows users to create mass notes in ServeManager.

Customizing ServeManager For Different Job Types

A how-to guide on utilizing ServeManager for different job types.

ServeManager Directory Collaboration Easier Than Ever!

A new update for the ServeManager Directory.

ServeManager Automation Recipes: Text Critical Job Updates with Sakari

Introducing the communication automation enabled by Sakari + ServeManager.

How to add Write-offs and Discounts to Invoices

ServeManager guide on how to easily add write-offs, discounts, and other negative amounts to your invoices.

Texas Users: New Employee and Contractor Fields Available

ServeManager is constantly being updated to meet the needs of our users. Our newest update adds fields to make generating Texas affidavits even more convenient!

MAPPS Approved Mississippi Affidavit of Service Now Available in Your Account

Introducing a MAPPS approved affidavit for use in Mississippi. Available for all users!

Meet Our Team

ServeManager doesn’t run itself. Meet the dedicated team behind your favorite process service software and hear what they have to say about the product they know and love.

ServeManager ProSeries: Cleaning Up Your Account

Keep your account clean, and make entering information easy for you and your staff.

ServeManager's 2018 In Review

It was an exciting year for ServeManager, filled with feature updates, new partnerships, job growth, and so much more. We are anticipating an even bigger 2019, so if you are not a subscriber, now is the time to jump on board.

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